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Sunday, January 17, 2010

We, The English Teachers

Curriculum Goal

The English language syllabus aims to equip students with basic skills and knowledge of the English language so as to enable them to communicate, both orally and in writing, in and out of school. The educaitonal emphases to be infused in the syllabus are thinking skills, learning how to learn skils, ICT, to value citizenship, multiple intelligences and the knowledge acquisition.

The curriculum aims is to produce a learner who is articulate, confident and of a good character. Thus teachers must always remember the principles in teaching. We must always go back to basics. This enables us to build a strong foundation of competences in basic literary skills, reading through phonics, penmanship and basic listening and speaking.

Friends, remember that it is crucial to make our learning fun, meaningful and purposeful. Our activities should be contextualized, meaningful and purposeful and, most important, create fun-filled activities. English, to our students may be a second, third, or even fourth language to learn. It helps our teaching when we integrate language skills in meaningful contexts.

We should be more aware of the students' needs and the salient learner factors such as their environment, family background and even the language use context. Thus teaching should always be learner-centred. Of course the introduction of the integration of salient new technologies such as exploiting ICT  to facilitate and encourage meaningful language practices.

Last but not least, remember that we are infusing character-building through our teaching. this is a chance for us to inculcate good moral values, such as promoting more istructional conversation in the classroom.

Lets teach.


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